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  • Company Information
    Corporate database of more than 30,000 listed and private companies with their Financials and non-financial information kept updated every day.
  • Industry Information
    Extensive coverage of more than 180 Industry and sub industry, financial aggregate and comparative data for Industry, Business Houses and Peer Group etc.,along with 40 sectors outlook analysis.
  • Macro Economy Data with Tools
    Coverage of more than 40 major Indian Economy Indicators like Foreign Exchange Reserves, Call Money Rates, Foreign Investments and IIP Index along with around 10 Industry Association data like Automobile, Tractor, Tea etc.
  • Digital Library Information
    Covering more than 30,000 listed and private companies Digital Annual Reports & Interim Result (.pdf format) supported with company offer documents along with Accord company/Sector Analysis and third party Brokers Research Reports.
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